An overview of our Magnetic Minds meetings

Meeting Wednesday

We had 19 people this evening. Topics included handling change in life, particularly transition of mental health services. We discussed the difference in Bipolar I and II and the effects of taking Lamictal. There were some difficult discussions and also a lot of laughter tonight. As is often the case when the discussion takes a difficult turn, we had a quick check in at the end.

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Wednesday Night’s Meeting

We had 22 people at Wednesday’s meeting! Some of the things we talked about included:

  • The benefits and difficulties from support people (and pets).
  • Discussed some individual problems with depression.
  • The cycles of depression.
  • Stressors of having company.

Towards the end, we checked in with each person given the seriousness of some of the conversation. We had a few good laughs too.

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Tonight’s Meeting

21 people came to tonight’s meeting.

Some of the things we talked about were:

Mayor Terry Bellamy named May as Mental Health Month in Asheville. Some of our members were there to receive this proclamation on behalf of Magnetic Minds.
How to deal with family devaluing you or being hypervigilant when including us in activities and in terms of monitoring our moods.
How to meet other professionals who have depression and bipolar disorder.
The stigma associated with mental illness.

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